Anyone who has over worked in a restaurant over a grill or fryer can tell you the potential for fire is ever present. Cooking oils, grease and fat are easily ignited by high temperature burners resulting in a dangerous fire situation. Your kitchen needs an advanced wet-agent fire suppression system to control and douse dangerous fires before they spread to the rest of the restaurant. What would be the economic damages to rebuild your kitchen after a fire? All these reasons point to the need for an efficient restaurant fire suppression system like the Pyro-Tech Kitchen Knight II

The Pyro-Chem Kitchen Knight II Pre-Engineered System utilizes a wet chemical specifically designed to suppress restaurant cooking fires. The system provides automatic actuation and can be manually actuated through mechanical pull station. Upon actuation, the system discharges a pre-determined amount of agent to the Plenum and cooking appliances.

The agent acts to suppress fires in three ways:
1 – The chemical chain reaction causing combustion is interrupted by both the and the resulting steam formation.
2 – The agent cools the fire to bring it below auto-ignition temperature.
3 – The agent reacts with hot grease forming a soap-like layer (saponification) prevent the escape of combustible vapors, thus preventing re-ignition

The shutdown of all sources of fuel and electric power that produce heat to all protected by the system is required upon system actuation. Make upon supply air fans, integral to the exhaust hood(s) being protected, shall upon system actuation.Exhaust fan(s) in the ventilation system should remain on during system discharge they assist the dispersion of chemical through the ventilating system. The system is UL listed with or without exhaust fan shutdown.

Superior Fire of Orlando can assist restaurant owners in Central Florida, Lake County, Tampa and South Florida design and install a Pyro-Tech Kitchen Knight || system engineered to your requirements. contact Superior Fire at ( 407) 877-4782 for more information.